Physical and Mental Benefits of Playing Ping Pong

It is highly unlikely that you will get an injury while playing ping pong. However, that doesn’t mean the game is not fast-paced. If you play it intensely at home or the office, it is a great way to stay fit by burning calories.

If you are not playing ping pong for competition but instead you want a way to have fun and lose a few calories, having a pin pong table at the office or home can help you. While at it, you will train your brain and your body. It is also a way to release stress from work.

With ping pong, you will have increased strength, speed, and agility. Below are some of the benefits of playing ping pong:

Enhance Your Mental Acuity

When playing ping pong, you concentrate on the speed, spin, and placement of the ball. To hit the ball right and beat your opponent, you need to understand these three attributes. You will apply the skills you gain in ping pong in solving life puzzles. The game helps you craft a great mental balance that enables you to juggle a frantic schedule.

You can save money you’d otherwise use going to the gym or for therapy by getting a ping pong table. Since the game is exciting, you will have opponents who will want to play with you. While at it, you need to come up with a strategy to beat your opponent. Your brain learns to understand how the ball spins and its speed whole at the same time thinking of how to make a perfect hit. 

Improve Muscle Flexibility and Reflexes

Table tennis is a fast game – you will move from one end of the table to the next as you aim for the ball. After playing for a while, the speed of your reflexes improves.

When playing table tennis professionally, the players may not have even a chance to stand as the ball comes and goes consistently for what seems like hours. Due to the short distance that the ball has to move, the game is fast-paced, and so the players have to move fast to hit the ball.

The game involves working the muscles fast and the muscles recovering, which leads to fast0twitch muscle development.

Better Your Eye-Hand Coordination

Your eyes stay on the ball the whole time while your hands have to focus on the hit. This process stimulates attentiveness, concentration, mental vigilance, and tactical strategy.

To beat your opponent, you need to hit the ball at a precise moment and precise angle. To win, you need to train your brain to send signals to the hand at the perfect time to hit the ball right.

Burn Calories While Staying Easy on the Joints

If you play regularly and intensely, you will burn calories. The ball can come from any direction so you have to move from one edge of the table to the next. The physical workout causes your heart rate and breathing rate to increase, a workout known commonly as cardio. Cardio is one of the ways to lose weight.

When it comes to burning calories, you need a game that is addictive and fun – that can be ping pong.

Unlike lifting weights and other forms of cardio, ping pong is easy on your joints. This way, you can play the game even when you are old and your joints are weak.

The Game is Social

In the modern world where people are more connected with technology and less with each other, it is important to find one thing that brings people together.

Wherever you play ping pong, you are able to interact with people and know them better. At home, playing TT presents a chance for families to bond. At the workplace, table tennis helps employees connect for a larger goal.

Regardless of your age, you can play ping pong; anyone can play with anyone which makes it an interesting way to interact. While playing and socializing, you concentrate on getting the best strokes and let go of other thoughts and stresses. This helps you calm down and refresh your mind, so you are up to the task the next day at work.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Table tennis is one of the brain sports. Not only enhance eye-hand coordination but also stimulates your brain to keep it sharp. The game can also prevent dementia as it activates different parts of your brain to stimulate awareness and alertness among players.

While playing, the prefrontal cortex is more engaged when coming up with strategies and anticipate the opponent’s shot. The game also stimulates the hippocampus which is the part that manages long term events in your brain. Start playing today.