Kinds Of Sports

Sports are classified based on the primary equipment used or the setting where it is played. With that in mind, here are the different types of sports:

  • Air Sports

Air sports include aerial activities.

  • Athletics

Athletics test participant’s endurance, strength, and speed. They include running, jumping, etc.

  • Ball Sports

Ball sports are played using a ball as the primary equipment. They may include ball-over-net, ball-and-bat, and ball-and-stick games.

  • Board Sports

As the name suggests, board sports are played with specific boards as the primary equipment. They include surfing and skateboarding.

  • Combat Sports

They are also called fighting sports. They involve one-on-one combat such as martial arts, 

  • Cycle Sports

Cycling includes competitive activities that use bicycles. They may also involve tricks. 

  • Gymnastics

Gymnastics involve the performance of systematic exercises that requires and shows balance, flexibility, agility, and strength.

  • Ice Sports

They are performed in an ice field. 

  • Indoor Sports

Indoor sports do not require open playfields are carried out in enclosed structures.

  • Mind Sports

Mind sports are based on the intellectual ability to strategize and win.

  • Multisport Race

These sports combine different games.

  • Motorsports

Motorsports involve the use of motorized vehicles for racing and non-racing competitions.

  • Racket Sports

These sports involve hitting a ball or an object using rackets. 

  • Strength Sports

Strength or muscle sports involve showing muscular strength and capabilities. They include weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding.

  • Target Sports

These competitive games involve aiming to hit a target

  • Water Sports

Water sports include all sport event played in the water.